Sunday School 

Sunday School is off and running for the 2021-2022 school year. We are so excited to be back inside the church walls. The kids and teachers are getting into a groove and learning more about Jesus Christ our Savior every Sunday. Now that a new routine is finding its place, we wanted to share how Sunday School is structured this year, as it is different from years past. The classes are broken up by age/grade level and follow a curriculum appropriate for their age. This curriculum follows the lectionary we will hear every Sunday in our services.

Immediately following our church service, the students are asked to come to the front of the sanctuary to begin Opening and Music. Here’s a change, please have your child skip the fellowship hall and go directly to the sanctuary after service; we will have snacks for them in their classrooms. During Opening and Music we will sing a few songs and prepare for the lessons the students will learn in their classrooms. After Opening and Music the students will proceed to the downstairs classrooms where they will discuss what they heard in the Pastor’s sermon in a way suitable for their age level.

To provide consistency in each classroom, the same teachers will be team teaching each grade level. We are grateful for the volunteers who are teaching our young members. Here is a list so you can put a face to the name and pray for them.

Opening & Music

Jenell Mitteness

Melanie Wirth


Jaci Hennes

Julia Carlson

Katie Klaphake


Chrissy Forsell

Kim Jurek

Isaac Wirth


Scott Mitteness

Cindy Classen

Grace Collins 

Masyn Olson


Jesse Nelson


Eric Rudningen

 If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to any of the Board of Education members.